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Procheck Water Mitigation

Experts in a critical area.

Comsearch’s IICRC S500 certified water mitigation specialists audit and negotiate mitigation invoices on your behalf to reach agreed-upon costs. The IICRC designation means that these professionals observe common, industry-accepted process that enables them to identify standards in cleaning, inspection and restoration – and develop estimates accordingly. The result is a work product that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unit cost pricing differences
  • Incorrect use of line items entered
  • Excessive air filter charges
  • Multiple applications of anti-microbial (not mold-related)
  • Excessive debris / dumpster charges
  • Unnecessary use of and/or size of equipment
  • Review of drying logs to support drying time
  • Proper dehumidifier and air scrubber sizes and air mover charges

We negotiate on your behalf and deliver a work product – a demand summary – of sufficient detail that is useful in settlement.

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